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Fully equipped for
specialist aviation
component overhaul

MCA Aviation for Beechcraft, Cessna and Piper maintenance

Wheels, brakes,
landing gear, magnetos
and combustion heaters

EASA Part 145 &
FAA Repair Station

Fast and efficient

Landing gear overhauls & exchange units

Huge stock
of components

Choose MCA for
aircraft component
overhaul services

MCA control
ensures quality
and reliability

Fast, efficient turnaround,
using in-house skills you can trust

Component overhaul services

Our component overhaul and repair section combines full workshop facilities, specialist aviation equipment and a huge stock of components with the skill and know-how of MCA engineers.

  • Quality work: There are huge advantages to having everything we need in-house. One is the ability to deliver a fast and efficient service. Equally important is our customers’ confidence in the quality and reliability of work that is under MCA control.
  • Major components: We are fully geared up to provide a fast and efficient turnaround for wheels, brakes, landing gear, magnetos and combustion heaters.
  • Landing gear overhaul: With our own in-house shot peening, vapour blasting, non-destructive testing and painting facility, we have all the facilities we need to get to work quickly on jobs like your Hawker Beechcraft Six-Yearly Landing Gear Inspection. You can keep your own trusted landing gear, or opt for an exchange unit from our large inventory of spares.


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UK.MG.0289 (Part M)

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