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Looking for better aircraft performance?
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Enhancing aircraft performance and value

We’ve earned our reputation for performance-boosting know-how through the depth of our experience and relationships with leading companies in their field. For your Hawker Beechcraft King Air, we can increase the cabin payload, extend the range and enable you to carry more fuel – all of which increases the resale value of your aircraft.

Aircraft owners looking for a Blackhawk upgrade will come to MCA because we are a world leader in Blackhawk expertise. Clients also turn to us for other performance-enhancing technologies in which we specialise, including BLR winglets, Garmin avionics, Raisbeck performance systems and Frakes exhausts.

We never forget the bottom line, so an MCA engine upgrade offers superb value – a single cost, with no additional labour fees, no engine rental charges or downtime penalties, and an excellent choice of engines.

Blackhawk engine upgrades and modifications

You could find that second or third-run overhauls can cost more than an upgrade, so it makes sense to talk to us about the options for your King Air. A range of upgrades are designed to reduce your aircraft’s takeoff distance, optimise its climb rate and cruise performance (to speeds of over 315 knots when combined with Raisbeck systems) all while gaining greater safety margins, better fuel specifics and reduced operating costs.

Simple, bolt-on upgrades for King Air 90 series

  • Blackhawk XP135A upgrade requires no airframe modification. The original, early generation engines are exchanged for factory-new Pratt & Whitney PT6A-135A engines with P&W's 2500 hour, 5 year, engine warranty. The Blackhawk XP135A enjoys an increased true airspeed and maximum range with a lower time to climb and lower operating and maintenance cost. Available For: C90, C90A, C90B, E90, F90
  • Blackhawk XP21 upgrade replaces existing PT6A-20 and -20A engines with current generation PT6A-21 engines. These modern engines run cooler and produce more power at altitude than the original engines. Lower overhaul and maintenance cost, coupled with an ample supply of low- to mid-time engines, make the Blackhawk XP21 the smart choice for your King Air. Available For: A90, B90, C90
  • Blackhawk XP28 upgrade replaces existing PT6A-21 engines with current generation PT6A-28. The existing PT6A-21 engines are overhauled and upgraded to a PT6A-28 through an STC developed by Atlantic Turbines. The engines are then installed on the C90 airframe under Blackhawk’s STC to give your King Air more horsepower at altitude, like the popular E90. Available For: A90, B90, C90.
MCA Aviation Blackhawk upgrade XP21 for King Air 90

Simple, bolt-on upgrades for King Air 200 series

  • Blackhawk XP42 upgrade requires no airframe modification. The original PT6A-41 engines are exchanged for factory-new Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42 engines. Along with an increased engine TBO and lower operating cost, the Blackhawk XP42 enjoys a performance boost comparable to the King Air B200. Available for 200, 200C, 200T, 200CT, A200 (C-12A & C-12C), A200C (UC-12B), and A200CT (C-12D & FWC-12D).
MCA Aviation Blackhawk upgrade XP42 for King Air 200


  • Blackhawk SuperXP52 upgrade for the A200 & B200 series requires no airframe modification. The original PT6A-41 and PT6A-42 engines are exchanged for factory-new Pratt & Whitney PT6A-52 engines (the same engines installed on the B200GT). Available for 200, 200C, 200T, 200CT, A200 (C-12A & C-12C), A200C (UC-12B), and A200CT (C-12D, FWC-12D, RC-12D, RC-12G, RC-12H), C-12F, C-12R, B200, B200C, B200CT, B200T.
MCA Aviation Blackhawk upgrade XP52 for King Air 200


  • Blackhawk XP 61 upgrade teams Blackhawk KING Air engine upgrade with Raisbeck’s acclaimed King Air aerodynamics upgrade to produce unparalleled performance. The new Super XP61 Engine Upgrade uses a ‘work smarter, not harder’ approach to fine-tune the performance of in-service King Air 200, A200 & B200s. By integrating factory new Pratt & Whitney PT6A-61 engines, performance is optimised in all phases of flight. Available for 200, 200C, 200T, 200CT, A200 (C-12A & C-12C), A200C (UC-12B), A200CT (C-12D, FWC-12D, RC-12D, RC-12G, RC-12H), C-12F, C-12R, B200, B200C, B200CT, B200T.
MCA Aviation Blackhawk upgrade XP61 for King Air 200

Blackhawk Hawkeye DigiLog system

The precision DigiLog system is an intelligent engine monitoring system that combines the familiarity of 2-inch analogue round gauges with microprocessor-based signal processing and digital display technology. Available for King Air C90, E90, F90, 200, B200, Conquest I & Cheyenne I, II & IIXL.

Blackhawk XR Fuel Lockers

These give the King Air 90 series a substantial boost in range – extending flight endurance by an impressive 20%, and turning many one-stop routes into non-stops. The option of adding over 80 gallons of fuel enables you to fly borderline missions with confidence, and to save time and money while enjoying the flexibility of owning an ‘Xtra Range’ King Air. Available for 90, A90, B90, C90, C90A, C90B, C90GT, E90.

Blackhawk XP42A upgrade for Cessna Caravan

This is a performance engine upgrade for the hard-working Caravan. The original 675 SHP PT6A-114A engine is exchanged for a factory-new Pratt & Whitney 850 SHP PT6A-42A engine, delivering benefits such as 1,000 hours warranty with no calendar limit, reduced takeoff distances, increased true airspeed and rate of climb, lower operating cost, and increased maximum range through better fuel specifics.

BLR Winglet system for Hawker Beechcraft King Air

Winglets have proved to be valuable performance enhancers, making the great KA 90, 200 and 300 aircraft even better. We were the first to install winglets on the King Air 90 Series in Europe, and remain very impressed with the increased climb performance to cruise altitude across the King Air range. Winglets increasing overall wingspan, which extends the aircraft’s range while improving stability, cruise speed and vertical rate of climb. In fact the BLR Winglet system is documented as delivering a 100% return on investment.

Raisbeck Installation

This is a range of performance systems for the entire King Air family, and can be combined with Blackhawk upgrades to produce some of the safest and fastest King Airs flying today. Each system is designed to increase specific areas of performance and provided as part of an enhancement package. For example, systems for the 200 series include power props, leading edges, ram air recovery, dual aft body strakes, high flotation gear doors, and wing lockers. MCA is an approved Raisbeck installation centre.

Frakes Exhaust Stack

These clean-running exhaust stacks are already installed on more than 1,000 King Airs, and deliver increased airspeed on most models. Customers report that soot on the nacelle and wing is reduced by 90%. MCA is an approved Frakes Installation Centre.

Garmin Avionics

MCA is an accredited Garmin Service Centre. Garmin’s integrated avionics solutions for General Aviation combine the latest multi-function display technology with touch-screen data entry and integrated radio tuning, together with optional remote transponder and audio panel control. We specialise in Garmin bespoke packages that provide the advanced functions you’re looking for.

  • G1000 – a complete and integrated glass flight deck system. Typically configured as a two-display or three-display system, with flat screens ranging in size from 10 to 15 inches
  • G600 – all-glass Flight Display System, perfect for retrofit. Replaces standard 6-pack mechanical instruments. Puts Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multifunction Display (MFD) directly in pilot’s field of view
  • G500 – affordable ‘glass cockpit’ suite for Class 1/Class 2 aircraft (under 6,000 lbs). Replaces standard 6-pack instruments. Features 6.5-inch PFD and MFD, plus AHRS attitude/heading reference and more.


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